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Lohri Festival
"Suder-Munderiye hoye, Tera koun bachara hoye Dulla Bhadhi walla...!!!!!"
This song is sung to glorify a Dacoit Dulla an Indian version of Robin Hood who will steal from the rich and help the poor. This song symbolizes how he helped a poor girl to get married as his own sister.
This is the song sung by young boys on the streets playing drums on empty tins, boxes or any thing they get their hands on , roaming in the streets going house to house, specially to the homes where a baby boy is born or the son of the family just got married and asking for lohri. Which will be consist of money and or peanuts, popcorn, Gazzaks ( Sesame snap or peanut brittle).
The girls will sing "De Mai Lohri Jivey tery Jodi" ( Give us the fair share of lohri and may God Bless you as a couple.)
"Terey kothey uttey mor sanu chety chety toor. " ( We are in a hurry give us Lohri and let us go)
If a household won't be nice enough to open the door and attend the kids they will sing.
"Bolo kodiyo hukka , aye ghar bhukka" ( Asking everyone to sing how the house hold is greedy and won't give them Lohri)
Lohri in my town used to be a community festival. Few days before the festival the young boys from each and every neighborhood will start gathering the woods for the bonfire to burn on Lohri night. There will be kind of competition between the neighbor hoods, that which neighborhood will have the bigger and longer burning bonfires.
In the evening all the youngsters will bring that wood to a designated place and will be set up as a huge heap of wood. An elder from the neighborhood will get the honor to start up the fire. People with their families will come with offerings, will offer some to the bonfire and rest will be distributed to the people present there. Whole family will go around the fire praying for the well being and prosperity.
At my father's house Makki ki roti and Saag will be cooked on Lohri night . Kheer made with sugarcane juice would be the sweet delight.
Well this is how Lohri used to be celebrated in my childhood. A festival where the whole neighborhood will gather as one family. People will sit night long singing songs having fun.
Next morning is the Makkar Sakranti we usually call it Sangrad. A Holy day considered as the beginning of the New Year . Every one suppose to be up early will take shower and give away the Khichadi ( Urad split, Rice, Salt , ghee, Rewari, Gazaks etc) In dry form to temple, poor people and to Brahmin family. Also Khichadi will be cooked as the meal of the day.

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