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Carom Seed

Other Names:

Ajwain, Bishop Weed


General Description:

The size of the Carom seeds are same as the size of Celery seeds, brown in color and have a sharp flavor. The plant has similarity to the Parsley. They are normally used whole to add flavor in fried snacks like madri, katri etc. It is used in pickling and in pranthas. They enhance the taste of Allo Pranthas and puri. It reduces flatulence caused by the beans when added while cooking beans. It is known as digestive aid. My mother used to give us when any of my sibling or me have stomach ache a spoon full of ajwain and salt with hot tea or warm water.







    Nutritional Information:

    Element Percentage
    Essential Oil 

    Carum copticum, Indian Spice, Aroma Spice




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