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Aam Ka Achar

Tasty Mango pickle

Serving 20 persons

Preparation Time: 20 minutes



2 PoundsRaw Mango
0.5 TeaspoonHing Powder
0.5 CupSalt
1.5 CupsMustard Oil
2 TablespoonsFennel Seeds
2 TablespoonsFenugreek Seeds
2 TablespoonsOnion Seeds/ Kalounji
4 TablespoonsTurmeric Powder
4 TablespoonsGaram Masala
3 TablespoonRed Chili Powder



  1. Wash mangoes a day ahead and dry them nicely. Cut them in small cubes.

  2. In a large mixing bowl add oil , hing and all the other dry spices and mix it well.

  3. Add Diced mangoes it in and mix it well so each and every piece get coated with spices.

  4. Now put this in a clean dry jar close it tightly and place it in lighted place.

  5. In few weeks this pickle will be ready to eat.

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