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Bhoot Pakori

Tasty spicy fritters made from Gram flour

Serving 5-10 persons

Preparation Time: 15 minutes

Cooking Time: 30 minutes



2 CupsGram Flour/Besan
1 TeaspoonCarom Seeds/ Ajwain
1 TablespoonGaram Masala
1 TablespoonCoriander Powder
1 TablespoonMango Powder or Pomegranate Powder
1 TablespoonRed Hot Chilli
1 TablespoonLemon Juice
1 TeaspoonCrushed Black Pepper
Salt to Taste
2 CupsOil For Deep Frying



  1. In a mixing bowl mix all the ingredients except oil.

  2. Now add some water and make a thick paste. Heat oil in an frying pan.

  3. Now take a clean thick plastic bag ( Zip Lock Bag). Put some of the paste in the one corner of bag.

  4. Make a tiny hole in it. Now squeeze the plastic bag and pour paste in to the frying pan.

  5. Fry them in small batches and do not crowd the pan.

  6. This is an hot and tasty snack serve it with tea or coffee.

You can store it for couple of weeks. But make sure they are cold before putting them in an container. Instead of using plastic bag you can also use a piece of cloth with a tiny hole in it. Sev maker is also available in the markets.

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