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Mic Vegetable Achar

Pickle made from assortment of different vegetables

Serving 25 persons

Preparation Time: 30 minutes



1 CupCauliflower Florets
1 CupCarrots diced length wise
1 CupSkinned garlic
1 CupGreen Chillies diced Length wise
4 LargeLemons
1 CupTurnip diced in cubes
0.5 CupSalt
2 TablespoonsSugar
2 TablespoonsGaram Masala
1 TablespoonsBlack Salt
1 Cinnamon Stick broken in Pieces
4 Crushes Black Cardamom
1 TeaspoonHing Powder
2 TablespoonsTurmeric Powder
2 TablespoonsCarom Seeds/ Ajwain
2 TablespoonsOnion Seeds/ Kalounji
2 TablespoonsFennel Seeds/ Saunf
2 TablespoonsCarom Seeds/ Ajwain
2 TablespoonsFenugreek Seeds/ Methi Dana
4 TablespoonsMustard Oil
3 TablespoonsVinegar
3 TablespoonsLime juice



  1. Wash couliflower, carrots, turnips, limes and green chillies..

  2. In a large pan boil water add 2 table spoons of salt and add cauliflower, carrots, and turnips to it. Boil it for 5 minutes and drain the water.

  3. Place them in a tray and dry them over night.

  4. Skin garlic and cut them in halves. Dry Green chills and cut them length wise. Cut limes in small cubes.

  5. Heat oil in a skillet add hing powder to it.

  6. Add Fenugreek seeds, fennel seeds, carom seeds, Onions seeds and rest of the spices to it cook it for 1 minute and then add all the vegetable to it.

  7. Add salt, pepper, turmeric powder and sugar to it. Mix them well . Now add vinegar and lemon juice and mix them together.

  8. Put off the flame and let the pickle sit to cool down. Make sure pickle is cool when you store it.

  9. Now put this pickle in a dry and airtight jar. Pickle is ready to be served.

You can adjust the amount of sugar and salt to your taste.

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