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Namak Ajwain Parantha

Pan baked Indian bread stuffed with Salt and Carrom Seed

Serving 6 persons

Preparation Time: 10 minutes

Cooking Time: 20 minutes



3 CupsWheat flour ( Whole or regular)
1 TablespoonSalt
2 TablespoonsCarom Seeds
0.5 CupOil For Frying the Paranthas
Water to kneed the Dough



  1. In a large vessel take flour and Salt and kneed it water and keep it aside.

  2. Heat Tava or griddle at medium high flame.

  3. Now make equal size of balls from the dough.

  4. Take one ball of dough dust it with flour and roll it 4 inches flat now rub some oil over it now spread a pinch of salt and 2 pinches of Carom seeds. Now fold it like a half moon.

  5. Now rub a little oil and again fold it as an triangle. Now roll this triangle flat and cook it from the both sides.

  6. Rub oil on both sides of the parantha and fry it. Serve it hot with yogurt, butter and pickle.

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