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Nimbu Ka Aachar

Spicy pickle made from lime or lemon

Serving 20 persons

Preparation Time: 30 minutes



2 PoundsLemon or lime
0.5 CupSalt
0.5 CupSugar
4 TablespoonsGaram Masala
4 TablespoonsBlack Salt
10 Cloves
5 Cinnamon Stick broken in Pieces
4 Crushes Black Cardamom
1 TeaspoonHing Powder
2 TablespoonsCarom Seeds/ Ajwain
2 TablespoonsOnion Seeds/ Kalounji



  1. Wash and dry limes. Cut them in small pieces.

  2. Take a large bowl and mix all the ingredients together.

  3. Now put this pickle in a dry and airtight jar. If possible keep it in sunshine.

  4. Lime pickle takes couple of months to be ready to eat.

Older the lime pickle tastier it is. You can adjust the amount of sugar and salt to your taste.

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