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Pithey Walli Puri/ Stuffed Dal Puri

Fried Indian bread with stuffed lentil

Serving 4-6 persons

Preparation Time: 20 minutes

Cooking Time: 30 minutes


Ingredients For Dough

3 CupsWheat Flour
1 TeaspoonSalt
2 TablespoonsOil
3 CupsOil For Deep Frying

Ingredients for Filling

1 CupUrad Split Dal without husk (White Dal) or with husk
2 TablespoonsGinger Paste
1 TablespoonsFinely Chopped Green Chillies
0.5 CupFinely Chopped Coriander leaves
1 TablespoonsCoriander Powder
1 TablespoonGaram Masala
1 TablespoonMango Powder or Pomegranate Powder (Optional)
Salt To Taste



  1. In a large Vessel take flour add 2 table spoon of oil, salt and kneed it water and keep it aside. Make this dough on the softer side as we will not be rolling it with rolling pin. We will be using our hands to roll it.

  2. Sock dal over night in the morning wash it and grind it in a processor suing very less water. Add Rest of the filling ingredients to it and mix it well

  3. Make small equal size of balls from the dough. Heat oil in an frying pan.

  4. Now take one dough ball in your hand rub some oil to the oil and roll it by pressing it between your hands. Roll it to 1-2 inch round and fill one table spoon of filling in it and close it.

  5. Now rub a little more oil to it and press it between the palms of your hand and roll it with hands. Make all the puri following the same steps.

  6. Check oil if its hot enough by putting a small piece of dough in it if dough rises to the to right away oil is ready.

  7. Oil should be hot but not smoky hot. Now fry peetha puri one by one.

  8. Serve them hot with cholley, allo ki sabji or any vegetable you like.

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