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Paneer Bhurji

Mashed Cottage Cheese with tasty spices

Serving 4 persons

Preparation Time: 10 minutes

Cooking Time: 20 minutes



250 GramsCottage Cheese (Paneer)
2 MediumOnion Cut length Wise
4 TablespoonTomato Paste
Green Chilli Paste to taste
1 TablespoonGarlic Paste (Optional)
0.5 CupCooking Oil
1 CupBoiled Green Peas

Dry Spices

1 TeaspoonWhole Cumin Seeds
1 TeaspoonCumin Powder
0.5 TablespoonCoriander Powder
0.5 TablespoonGaram Masala
4 Cloves
Salt To Taste
1 TeaspoonTurmeric Powder
4 Bay Leaves


0.5 CupFinely Chopped Green Coriander



  1. Mash Paneer with hand and keep aside.

  2. In a Frying Pan heat oil and add cumin seeds when they start crackling add Bay leaves and Cloves. Fry it for 1 minute.

  3. Add Onions and fry them till golden brown and add Green Chili paste, and Ginger Garlic paste. Fry it well for 1 minute.

  4. Add all the dry spices one by one and mix them well and cook the masala for 2 minutes at medium flame.

  5. Add Tomato paste and cook it till the masala leaves the oil.

  6. Add half cup of water and add boiled Green pees and mashed cheese cook it for another 5 minutes at medium. to low flame.

  7. Remove it from the heat pour in a serving bowl garnish it with green coriander leaves.

  8. Paneer Bhurji goes well with chapattis and pranthas.

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