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Ghiya Kofta

Round gam flour dumpling with gravy stuffed with Bottle Gourd and spices

Serving 4 persons


Ingredients for Dumpling

200 GramsGhiya (Bottle Gourd)
1 CupBesan (Gram Flour)
2 TeaspoonGarlic Paste
2 TeaspoonGinger Paste
2 TeaspoonGreen Chilli
2 CupsOil for Frying Dumpling
2 TablespoonFinely Chopped Green Coriander
1 TeaspoonGaram Masala
1 TeaspoonTurmeric Powder
1 TeaspoonCoriander Powder
Salt to Taste

Ingredients for Curry

2 MediumFinely Chopped Onions
2 LargeFinely Diced Tomatoes or
4 TablespoonTomato Paste
1 TeaspoonCumin Seeds
1 TeaspoonGaram Masala
1 TeaspoonTurmeric Powder
1 TeaspoonCoriander Powder
2 PinchesHing Powder (Asafetida)
0.5 CupOil
Salt to Taste

For Garnishing

2 TablespoonFinely Chopped Coriander leaves


Method to Make Dumplings

  1. Wash and peel bottle gourd.

  2. Now Grate Bottle gourd in a grater. In a mixing bowl add grated Bottle Gourd, Besan, ginger, garlic ,chili paste and finely chopped coriander leaves. Also add Dry spices to the mixture and mix it well if the mixture is dry add some water to it.

  3. Now in a frying pan heat 2 cups of oil for deep frying the dumplings. Take 1 spoonful of mixture roll in your hands and fry it. Mixture should not be too hard otherwise dumpling will be hard. Fry all the dumplings and set them aside.

Method to Make Curry

  1. In a large skillet heat half cup of oil and add hing to the oil and add cumin seeds. when cumin seeds starts turning brown add onion and fry them till they turn golden brown. Then add ginger, garlic, green chili paste. Cook it for 1 minute.

  2. Now add all the dry spices and 1 table spoon of water and cook it for another 1 minute. Then add tomato paste and cook it till masala leaves the oil. Now add 4 cups of water and boil it.

  3. Then simmer the flame to medium and cook the curry for 10 minutes. You can adjust the thickness of curry by adding more or less water.

  4. Before serving it add dumplings and cook it for another 5 minutes.

  5. Garnish it with green coriander leaves and serve it with rice and Raita

You can make dumpling of zucchini with the same recipe by simply replacing bottle gourd by zucchini.

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